State Fire Marshal’s Notice- Household Fire Alarm Systems – Test of Transmission Signal to Remote Monitoring Location

State Fire Marshal’s Notice
May 2014
Household Fire Alarm Systems – Test of Transmission Signal to Remote Monitoring Location

The State Fire Marshal’s Office has been made aware that some alarm dealers and monitoring stations may not be providing the required monthly test of alarm signal transmission on residential systems – or may not be taking action if/when the monthly test signal is not received. It is extremely important that the homeowner be able to rely on their fire alarm installer and monitoring company to follow the law and warn them if their fire communication system has failed and/or been compromised.

The following is offered as clarification and as a reminder of the importance to remain in complete compliance with all provisions, rules, regulations and/or statutes enacted to regulate the planning, certifying, leasing, selling, servicing, installing, monitoring, and maintaining of fire detection and fire alarm devices and systems in Texas.

Monthly Transmission Test Required

NFPA 72 (National Fire Alarm Code) specifies the performance requirements for remote monitoring of alarm signals from household systems. Included in this, is the requirement that each alarm transmitter shall automatically initiate and complete a test signal transmission sequence at least monthly.

NFPA 72 (2007) – 11.7.8 & (6)

A successful signal transmission of any other type signal during the month will fulfill the requirement to verify integrity of the system.
Panel Programming and Account Set-up
In setting up these accounts, the alarm dealer and supervising station must ensure that adopted standards are followed and the automatic test signals are enabled.
Failure to receive a test signal must be treated as a trouble signal and the station operator must initiate action appropriate to the type of service being provided (central station, remote station).

The subscriber (homeowner) and/or the alarm dealer cannot waive these requirements.

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