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Why you should participate in the TBFAA

Thousands of trade associations exist today. They provide specialized services enabling their members to perform more efficiently.

Businessmen and women participate in these organizations because they can accomplish more collectively than they can individually.

Associations help members:

  • solve mutual problemsJOIN US
  • channel resources
  • exchange information
  • develop leadership
  • promote the industry
  • increase business

They do all these things at little cost with the utmost efficiency for both large and small companies.

In short . . . it’s a sound investment.

Join TBFAA today and you’ll be dealing with the people who shape the future of the burglar & fire alarm industry.

TBFAA provides you with:

  • Exchange of information and experience from other professional companies in your business
  • Quarterly meetings held in cities all over the state
  • Discounts for products and services
  • Quarterly Transmitter Newsletter
  • Office staff to answer questions
  • Lobbyist working for you year round to protect and promote our industry and to keep legislation from putting you out of business
  • Discounts on training to meet licensing requirements.