Membership Discounts

Membership in the TBFAA has many benefits, including:

  • Savings4Members – Everyday business expenses can cost less. TBFAA members can use our collective buying power to save on Office Supplies, Fuel, Human Resources, Wireless Service, Uniforms, Shipping, Credit Card Processing, Propane, Truck & Vehicle Rentals, Payroll, Email Marketing, Consumer Financing, Facility Supplies, Check Processing, Insurance, Debt Collection and More.
  • Discounts on Training & Events – Members receive discounts on licensing training classes, educational programs and webinars, networking opportunities and convention registrations.
  • Insurance Savings – You can save thousands of dollars on general liability insurance, required by the State.
  • Discounted Dental and Life Insurance for you and your employees
  • Free Contract Templates – Get a head start on your contracts by giving our templates to your lawyer to draft your own contracts.